Month: September 2016

Christian Homeschooling Curriculum

44There are many reasons why someone would want to home school their children with a Christian homeschooling curriculum. A lot of homeschooling programs have some of the best programs available on the market. Some may even argue they are better than traditional school because of the extreme focus being put on one child. With most Christian programs for schooling children, you may find CD-ROMS used for educating the child. The students can benefit from grade specific texts. Just like any other traditional school, the curriculum is split up into certain grade levels. Most Christian homeschooling have a strong international emphasis. Some users of these types of programs find the work challenging and advanced, which could be seen as a good thing when you want your child to learn above the common lessons that are being taught in regular school.

There are many benefits and disadvantages to using Christian homeschooling curriculums. For the advantages, the child can learn at their own speed, but at the same time challenge themselves to more advanced material. As we all know, advanced learning is important when dealing with the real world and certain workplace environments. Most of these homeschooling programs cover all grades and is focused towards preparing the student for college. Even though these are all good things dealing with homeschooling, there are some disadvantages that should also be considered. For one, the student may become easily distracted at home than they would in a more traditional setting. Television, video games and interruptions are some challenges a child may face when being taught at home. Also, if the child does not grasp the material, they might need outside help. Sometimes, children may need a live tutor to help them besides a CD-ROM or computer based learning curriculum.

Christian homeschooling curriculums vary in cost, depending on the program and the specifics of the learning plans. Some programs charge on a monthly basis, which parents find more affordable and reasonable. I have seen some that only cost $100 a month, which seems like a reasonable price for students or guardians looking to school their children at home. However, if the child will need extra help for grasping the material, they may need an outside tutor or teacher to walk them through the learning plans. This can add on to the initial cost as another expense.

Choosing the Best Homeschooling Curriculum For Your Child

43Homeschooling has become a more popular option for many parents today. Homeschooling involves only your son or daughter and you or a tutor in the never-ending quest for knowledge. This gives the parent the chance to lead his son or daughter towards academic and social development. While this is a good option for you and your son or daughter, homeschooling your child presents a lot of logistical challenges. This article will describe how to get past one hurdle which is choosing a homeschooling curriculum that will serve your children best.

The curriculum best suited for your child is dependent on your child’s current age, abilities and educational level. It is important to note that the curriculum should be tailored to your child’s interests, capabilities and age because if not, the purpose of all this will be defeated. There are five key factors that one must consider in picking a good curriculum for your child.

1. Reading Comprehension and Communication Skills

This is one of the most basic lessons that any homeschooled child must take a good hold of. Every step of the way is based on this skill. Vocabulary, sentence construction, context clues and other subject matters are involved here. Communication too, is very important. Teaching your child to express himself well in both written and oral means is an essential lesson, especially in this fast-paced world. This will allow him to have good public relation skills.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

This is best taught by adding lessons in math and science to your child’s homeschooling curriculum. Math and science encourages children to analyze problems and situations better and with insight. For example, giving math problems or teaching the scientific method to children and giving them a chance to apply it through experiments would teach them how to process information systematically and logically.

3. Values

As parents, we teach our children proper etiquette, manners and different values that help build their character. Incorporating this in the curriculum would help the child see meaning in the abstract things that he is taught. For example, teaching them the value of helping others would give meaning to the innovations they would think of in their science experiments.

4. Technology

What better way to help your child cope with the modern times but through equipping him with computer know-how? Basics such as word processing to advanced lessons such as web design and graphic design are some of the things worth teaching to your child.

5. Creativity and Art

Good Homeschooling Materials Are the Key to Successful Homeschooling

42Homeschooling, as it is considered in developed countries, is an alternative to enrolling children in private or public schools.

For parents who do not approve of materials, educational environment, teachers, or similar other school related things homeschooling might seem as if it is a good fit for children. Although the children are the ones who would be benefiting, the parents would be in charge of teaching them.

This idea intimidates many parents who either do not think they will be able to make the commitment because of work or because they have no confidence in their abilities to be good teachers.

Where these are valid concerns they might also be seen as excuses. If a parent wants to see that their child receives the best education and they are not satisfied with their child’s development, they should consider homeschooling. Parents can make learning fun for children. There is a burgeoning community of homeschoolers and educators for support.

Many people are satisfied with the way children are educated in the twenty-first century. This may be because many children do excel in the current system. Wherever there are success stories there are also the not so successful ones and the stories where children dislike school but go anyway because schooling is compulsory. For these children, homeschooling might be the best option.

There are many choices for homeschooling materials out there to help your child suceed. Homeschooling materials can be found on websites that act as online communities for homeschoolers and their students. Whether the teacher wants to use a curriculum or not, they are available at: educator supply stores, county and state offices of education, encyclopedia companies, homeschooling suppliers, teacher college libraries, and Internet Databases. One of the popular resources that is available for homeschoolers is the Home Education Magazine.