58High School is Not What it Used to Be

The reasons why many students and parents choose an online high school are as diverse as the population. The prevailing method of scholarship has students take a course for four months in order to complete it and be promoted. There is little to no flexibility in the student’s daily schedule; any activities or commitments that compete for the teen’s attention must conform to the school’s timetable. Additionally, students who struggle with socialization, or who are being bullied or otherwise made to feel uncomfortable or even threatened in a traditional high school, are left to fend for themselves. With the prohibitive cost of tuition at a private school, this is not a viable option for many families of students who fall into this category. And many students who fall behind in their work, and who need to make up credits, are often held back from graduating until they complete those credits.

The Online Alternative

This is where an online high school becomes a good option. In an online environment, the student may access their coursework 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when it is most suitable for them. They may work at their own pace, revisiting material of which they are unsure, testing when they feel they are ready, and completing coursework on their own timetable, not that of the institution. Online high schools are designed with the student’s needs in mind, providing a fun, relevant and stimulating learning experience, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private school – sometimes as much as 50%. Graduates of online high schools have been accepted at major universities across the United States, including Harvard University, Bethel College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Texas A&M.

Why Choose a Virtual Classroom?

With traditional high schools, students are required to take a course for a full semester in order to get credit; with an online school, the motivated student can finish classes as quickly as they are capable of completing the required coursework. Indeed, many online high school students have been graduated as much as two years earlier than their traditionally-schooled peers. This can give the student an invaluable sense of accomplishment that will follow them throughout college and into the workforce. Students involved in time-heavy activities outside of school can create their own learning schedule, so that they don’t have to fall behind in their education or any other area of their lives. And troubled students, who are struggling to make positive changes in their lives while surrounded by negative former friends, can meet new people, with the relationship based on shared interests rather than shared bad habits.

The teachers employed in online high schools are certified or highly certified in their areas of expertise, and are available for several hours a day to provide support via telephone, Skype, video chat, and discussion forums. The teacher-to-student ratio is around 75:1, but due to the fact that all of the students are not in the virtual classroom at the same time, the feel is more like 1:1. If you feel like it’s time for a change in your student’s education, it’s worth taking a look atĀ online schooling high school.

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