61It’s been a practice since time immemorial to keep the record of the events that had happened or was going to happen. This record is beneficial not for the use of it in the time when it is written, but this way we can save the information for a longer period of time. When I was in my primary school, there was no system of keeping a school diary as it was a government school.

So I used to skip my lessons frequently. Being a child it won’t be possible for us to remember every detail about the homework and all. Thus my mom used to have a discussion everyday about my class and homework with my teacher. But these days this system has changed. Now almost in every school, there is a system of maintaining school diaries. This helps the parents and the teachers to monitor the development of each and every student. In the pre primary classes, kids are trained about how to maintain a school diary so that they can use this skill later on in their school life.
School Diary is important not only for the students but also for the parents and teachers.

School Diaries help parents to keep in touch with the teachers so that they can get the updates of their childrens’ activities. It informs the parents about their childrens’ performance on a regular basis. Children also don’t get the scope to lie or hide anything from their parents. Working parents who don’t get time to visit their childrens’ schools, they can even write their comments on the Diary and send it across to the teachers through their children. With the help of School Diaries parents can keep a proper watch over their children without even regularly visiting to the school or speaking to the teachers.

School Diaries are also important for the students in a way that it helps them to develop sound time management skills. They can also use it as an organizational tool so that it can help them to keep their homework and assignments in a track. Children often tend to forget what tasks they were given to finish at home. School Diary reminds them everything and helps them from even flunking in the exams.
Maintaining School Diaries help the students to build a good management skill within them. Even students if want to can analyze themselves with the remarks in their diaries. Though, diaries sometimes become the real reason of worry when it unfolds all the truth that children hide from their parents regarding their day to day activities in the school. School Diaries are not only used to maintain a regular log of daily activities. It also encourages students when they get good remarks from their teachers and appreciated for their performance. Although, there is nothing unnatural in it as every human being seek for appreciation the most.

The history of school diaries are not known yet. However, it has been argued many times that the concept of diaries in schools was introduced in England first and later other countries also started adopting the idea. Presently, majority of the schools provide diaries to the students to maintain their everyday’s activities as well as to maintain discipline. Maintaining a school diary not only maintains a good relation of the parents with the teachers of the children but also reflects how organized the child is.

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