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The Important Role Of School Diary In Academic Life

61It’s been a practice since time immemorial to keep the record of the events that had happened or was going to happen. This record is beneficial not for the use of it in the time when it is written, but this way we can save the information for a longer period of time. When I was in my primary school, there was no system of keeping a school diary as it was a government school.

So I used to skip my lessons frequently. Being a child it won’t be possible for us to remember every detail about the homework and all. Thus my mom used to have a discussion everyday about my class and homework with my teacher. But these days this system has changed. Now almost in every school, there is a system of maintaining school diaries. This helps the parents and the teachers to monitor the development of each and every student. In the pre primary classes, kids are trained about how to maintain a school diary so that they can use this skill later on in their school life.
School Diary is important not only for the students but also for the parents and teachers.

School Diaries help parents to keep in touch with the teachers so that they can get the updates of their childrens’ activities. It informs the parents about their childrens’ performance on a regular basis. Children also don’t get the scope to lie or hide anything from their parents. Working parents who don’t get time to visit their childrens’ schools, they can even write their comments on the Diary and send it across to the teachers through their children. With the help of School Diaries parents can keep a proper watch over their children without even regularly visiting to the school or speaking to the teachers.

School Diaries are also important for the students in a way that it helps them to develop sound time management skills. They can also use it as an organizational tool so that it can help them to keep their homework and assignments in a track. Children often tend to forget what tasks they were given to finish at home. School Diary reminds them everything and helps them from even flunking in the exams.
Maintaining School Diaries help the students to build a good management skill within them. Even students if want to can analyze themselves with the remarks in their diaries. Though, diaries sometimes become the real reason of worry when it unfolds all the truth that children hide from their parents regarding their day to day activities in the school. School Diaries are not only used to maintain a regular log of daily activities. It also encourages students when they get good remarks from their teachers and appreciated for their performance. Although, there is nothing unnatural in it as every human being seek for appreciation the most.

The history of school diaries are not known yet. However, it has been argued many times that the concept of diaries in schools was introduced in England first and later other countries also started adopting the idea. Presently, majority of the schools provide diaries to the students to maintain their everyday’s activities as well as to maintain discipline. Maintaining a school diary not only maintains a good relation of the parents with the teachers of the children but also reflects how organized the child is.

5 Tricks to Attract Students While Teaching

60Teaching to the students will be easy if you follow some techniques or tricks in the subjects you are handling. Students study the subjects with full attention only if the tutors are tutoring in an interesting manner. Attracting the students while teaching is necessary since it will help for the students to study with interest. Teachers should have some sense of humor and the uniqueness in teaching which should not be boring to the students. Attraction in studies for students will improve if the tutors are more interactive.

More enthusiastic

The teacher teaching the students should be more enthusiastic and energetic. Students like those personalities (Tutors) who have some interest and involvement towards the subject. Enthusiasm in handling and tutoring to the students will make them to study and pay attention in your classes so that the result will be positive.


Everybody in the world has to interact with others to convey or communicate their views. In tutoring job, interaction is the most important tool to guide and uplift the students to next grade of education. With less interaction one cannot attract the students and they will get bored so that there may be some lack in the subjects you are handling.


The powerful tool to attract the students is to motivate them in all cases. Students will like the teachers who are motivating them to do the work every time.  Encouragement is all they need so if you want to attract more then you should encourage them for their activities and make them to achieve better results.


All the students like some surprise and it’s a way to make the student to study and pay attention towards the classes. Tutor should give some gifts or prizes to the students in the class for their achievements. It will tempt them to study well and score good results. Teaching the new things with new techniques is one of the surprises to the students.


Appreciating the students in the class for their works will be the first key to attract them. Everybody loves appreciation; in particular students like to get appreciation. If you appreciate for each and every thing then your class will be more attentive, attractive and interactive.

Creative Shoebox Diorama Ideas for School

59Shoebox Dioramas are a part of every school year and in just about every grade they serve as a wonderful learning tool. They are used to learn the arts and crafts of making things and they are used to also learn about subjects. This article shows you some creative ideas from both the arts and crafts aspect and the learning aspect.

The Arts and Crafts of Shoebox Dioramas

 There are a lot of common ways to make a shoebox diorama and they include tape, glue, construction paper and all the regular assortment of arts and crafts stuff but there are a few things you can do to make a diorama just a little bit special.

Here is a list of ideas:

    • If you are doing an underwater scene you can cover the front of the box with Saran Wrap or thin plastic. This gives the diorama an underwater feel
    • Use string to utilize the full three dimensions inside the box; suspend objects from strings or tie strings from side to side and top to bottom and attach objects to the strings. This works well for flying objects like bird, pterodactyls or even clouds and stars.
    • Cut slots in the back and top of the box and use this to insert objects that you can move across the diorama. Make a bird, boat, comet or some other type of moving object then attach a tab to the back of it. Insert this tab in the slot then you can grab the tab from the back and slide the object across the diorama. This adds a nice little interactive element. This works well with all kinds of things from a rising sun, flying bird, erupting volcano or just about anything else that would move.
    • Think outside the shoebox! There is no need to run out and buy a new pair of shoes if you don’t have a shoebox. A more than adequate box can be made from scraps of cardboard or even a few cereal boxes cut and taped together. And there is no need to make a typical shoebox shape. Be creative in the shape you make. It adds a dimension of interest to the project. Half round, amphitheatre shapes are commonly used for dioramas and look great.
    • Achieving Depth – The most common trait of an average shoebox diorama is that it has a decorated background and objects placed on the bottom surface. You can add an attractive touch by decorating a strip of paper that is about two inches wide with a foliage pattern then attach this to the inside bottom of the diorama about an inch from the back wall – it reaches all the way from the left side to the right side. This adds a lot of depth and makes it look much more interesting.
    • Using alternate materials – You don’t have to use cardboard or boxes. As an example, if you are doing a polar bear or penguin diorama you could use white packing Styrofoam. If you are doing a desert scene you can apply glue to the bottom of the diorama and sprinkle real sand on it.

Theme Ideas and Learning Tools

The biggest point of a shoebox diorama is to show a natural habitat of something. In the process of drawing and cutting out the various objects a child is learning about the habitat. This is great but you can take it to new levels with a little thought and a little creativity.

    • Freezing a moment in time – A diorama is a moment in time and you can focus on this. Some good examples are you can have a meteor streaking across the sky of a dinosaur diorama; this explains a theory of extinction. Or you can show a large predator fish about to eat a smaller fish as it is eating something even smaller. This dramatic moment in time is a good display of the food chain.
    • Interactions in a habitat – The focus of a diorama is often to correctly identify and place the right objects for a natural habitat but you can take this to a new level by focusing on the interactions within the habitat. The upper layer of canopy in a rainforest blocks out sunlight from the lower layers and this is an important aspect of the rainforest. A coral reef provides shelter for many creatures in the sea and a diorama can display this.
    • Adding a Fact Sheet – This is a great tool that should be added to every diorama. You should make a fact sheet that can be glued to poster board and stood up near the diorama. The sheet explains the basic facts of what the diorama is about.

Diorama Ideas

 Here are some ideas you can use as a theme for your diorama

    • The Natural Habitat of just about any creature like fish, polar bears, black bears, penguins, wolves, humans, dinosaurs, camels, lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants, dolphins, and well you get the idea!
    • A Desert theme complete with pyramids, mummies and camels is fun
    • A Rainforest is a good diorama for teaching about diversity and the interaction of species
    • An astronomy diorama complete with sun, planets, comets, and stars in the background
    • A medieval Castle scene complete with catapult or dragon
    • Underwater scenes are always popular
    • Arctic themed dioramas are fun because of the creative options for snow and icebergs

Whatever diorama you choose to make you should take a little time to make it different and unique and there are lots of creative ways to do that. Have fun with your project!

Schooling as Unique as Your Teen

58High School is Not What it Used to Be

The reasons why many students and parents choose an online high school are as diverse as the population. The prevailing method of scholarship has students take a course for four months in order to complete it and be promoted. There is little to no flexibility in the student’s daily schedule; any activities or commitments that compete for the teen’s attention must conform to the school’s timetable. Additionally, students who struggle with socialization, or who are being bullied or otherwise made to feel uncomfortable or even threatened in a traditional high school, are left to fend for themselves. With the prohibitive cost of tuition at a private school, this is not a viable option for many families of students who fall into this category. And many students who fall behind in their work, and who need to make up credits, are often held back from graduating until they complete those credits.

The Online Alternative

This is where an online high school becomes a good option. In an online environment, the student may access their coursework 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when it is most suitable for them. They may work at their own pace, revisiting material of which they are unsure, testing when they feel they are ready, and completing coursework on their own timetable, not that of the institution. Online high schools are designed with the student’s needs in mind, providing a fun, relevant and stimulating learning experience, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private school – sometimes as much as 50%. Graduates of online high schools have been accepted at major universities across the United States, including Harvard University, Bethel College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Texas A&M.

Why Choose a Virtual Classroom?

With traditional high schools, students are required to take a course for a full semester in order to get credit; with an online school, the motivated student can finish classes as quickly as they are capable of completing the required coursework. Indeed, many online high school students have been graduated as much as two years earlier than their traditionally-schooled peers. This can give the student an invaluable sense of accomplishment that will follow them throughout college and into the workforce. Students involved in time-heavy activities outside of school can create their own learning schedule, so that they don’t have to fall behind in their education or any other area of their lives. And troubled students, who are struggling to make positive changes in their lives while surrounded by negative former friends, can meet new people, with the relationship based on shared interests rather than shared bad habits.

The teachers employed in online high schools are certified or highly certified in their areas of expertise, and are available for several hours a day to provide support via telephone, Skype, video chat, and discussion forums. The teacher-to-student ratio is around 75:1, but due to the fact that all of the students are not in the virtual classroom at the same time, the feel is more like 1:1. If you feel like it’s time for a change in your student’s education, it’s worth taking a look at online schooling high school.

Tips to keep your children tech free during vacation!

Portrait of little cute fair-haired girl reading book, sitting at summer green park.Family vacations are one of the best times to bond, and recharge your batteries, but making connections can become difficult if your children are constantly plugged into their devices.

We have all become so dependent on media and technology in our lives. But a holiday is a great time to disconnect or at least reduce the time you spend with electronics, to make memories with the ones you love.

Here are a few strategies to strike a balance between electronic engagement and family time:

  1. Do not carry them all. One of the advantages of bringing a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone is you can watch movies in the plane or use apps for fun. It’s a great way to pass time during boring journeys but it’s always a good idea to decide on the right time and place for screen time.
  2. You can create an inside/outside rule. You can allow tech at the hotel room or the house, and only during night time. Daytime should be for outside adventure, play, family interaction, and exploring, so leave the screens back inside the room.
  3. Go to the local theater. Rather than individual members of the family plugging into separate electronics for the same movie, go on an outing to the nearby theater.
  4. Set phone rules. Establish a few rules, such as “No calling or texting during outings.” Phones should only be allowed to take pictures till lets say 6 p.m. Also, putting cellphones on airplane mode in a foreign country does not just give family a time to bond, it also saves a lot of money (as you can avoid high data charges).
  5. Friendly fire. Children tend to miss their friends when they are out of town. It is important to respect their desire to share vacation photos from their cellphones or through Facebook, Snapchat, etc. But they must take a break from using their cellphones throughout the day. Tell your little ones that if they stay glued to the phone, they will step out of the group experience that shows a serious lack of courtesy for those around them.
  6. Pack family games. Children love to play games such as Uno, Apples to Apples, or card games — all of which can fit easily inside a suitcase. Car Bingo and Mad Libs are great for the road. Avoid taking videogames with you.

As a homeschooling parent you need that special time with your children so that you can make memories and share more experiences together apart from studying together. These small tips can help you enjoy your family vacation to the fullest!